Back To School: Something Amazing Readings!

Something Amazing x Mom Made Market
August 26, 2015
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Back To School: Something Amazing Readings!



WOW! It’s back to school! It was so amazing to celebrate the first Summer of Something Amazing! Beach days everyday PLEASE! HA HA! I had such an exceptional year doing book readings and tours  last year for the First Pressing of Something Amazing! I wanted to share how grateful I am to read my story in the heart of our school’s. From that first reading, I have had so many wonderful readings and it is my mission to read to as many kids and parents as possible. I really love spending time with the kids and seeing there imaginations run wild as the pages of the story unfold. When I was in the process of writing “Something Amazing” I never took into consideration the public reading part of this journey. It has been a truly amazing experience and I look forward to reading in the new school year! Please let me know if you or someone you know would be interested in booking a “Something Amazing Reading” at a local school, special event, or boutique!

Mucho Aloha!

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